Pay On Success


Since 2004, Advantage Novari has produced amazing results for its client’s, achieving over 90% clearance rate, year after year.

We are confident that the quality and diversity of our range will allow you to achieve a sale. So much so, we have teamed up with our credit provider to offer Pay On Success which allows you to defer your styling fees until you successfully sell your property – and if you don’t sell, you don’t have to pay anything further!

With an offer like that, there are some conditions that you need to meet, but here’s how it works:

How Pay On Success works


Complete our credit provider’s online application and pay the 20% risk protection fee


If you sell, pay your styling cost out of your settlement


If there is no sale, nothing further to pay

Why use Pay On Success?

   Peace of mind that you will only pay for styling if your property sells

   No additional fees or charges

   Easy online application with approval within 24 hours

   Aligns styling costs to settlement

An explanation of the conditions and other frequently asked questions

The following is a summary of the eligibility, terms and conditions for Pay On Success. We don’t want you to be in a position that you have breached any of the conditions, making you immediately liable for the styling fees, so we feel it is important to set them out for you.  Advantage Novari has engaged CampaignFlow, a third-party credit provider to administer Pay On Success for us. The full terms of Pay On Success is available upon application through CampaignFlow.

How long does the property need to be advertised online?

A key requirement of the product is that you need to give your property the full opportunity to achieve a sale. The property must be continuously listed on one of the major internet portals, being, or, for 90 days if you are selling by auction, or 120 days for private treaty sale. This is called the Commitment Period and is a key condition for Pay On Success.

What if my property doesn’t sell at auction?

Most auction campaigns run for a 4 week period. If your property doesn’t sell at auction, you must continue the online listing for the full Commitment Period.

What if I decide to change agents during the sales campaign?

You can change your agent during the Commitment Period, provided you re-list your property on one of the major internet portals within 7 days of the termination of your agreement with the initial agency. Your Commitment Period will restart from the time you re-advertise with the new agent on the major internet portal.

If I’ve paid 20% upfront, does that mean I pay 80% at settlement if I sell?

Pay On Success means the full styling fees are deferred. The 20% upfront fee is a service and risk protection fee which ensures that if you don’t sell, you pay nothing further. If you do sell, the full styling fees (100%) are payable at settlement;

Can I rent the property out?

If the property is already rented out at the commencement of the Commitment Period, you may maintain that tenancy during the Commitment Period, however you cannot advertise the property for lease, or rent it out after the commencement of the Commitment period;

What if the property sells after the Commitment Period. Do I still need to pay for the styling?

If your property sells at any time during the 12 month period from the initial listing, then the styling fees are payable. There are no additional fees payable during this period. After 12 months has expired, and your property has not sold, then there is no requirement to pay the styling fees provided you have complied with the terms of the agreement;

What if I have a long settlement. Is there a cap on how long I have to repay the styling fees?

Pay On Success allows you to align the payment of the styling fees with when your property settles. You have up to 1 year to sell your property and up to 6 months to settle;

Are there any extra fees, or interest that I pay at settlement?

There are no additional fees, or charges;

What are the eligibility requirements for Pay on Success?

Pay On Success is available if you have signed an agreement with a real estate agent, with exclusivity to market and sell the property for at least 90 days. The property needs to be a single residential property.

You cannot be a developer or flipper and the property cannot be;

  • an off the plan purchase, or a display suite or house;
  • a rural property;
  • a holiday house; or
  • a property with material issues that are likely to impact on the chance that the property will be sold.

CampaignFlow, is a licensed and regulated financial services provider that is administering the Pay On Success product for Advantage Novari. Customers will be required to complete an online application and confirm details about the property and their personal circumstances. This will not impact on their credit score. As a loan is being extended for the styling, the eligibility for the loan is at the sole discretion of CampaignFlow and not Advantage Novari. If you are not eligible for Pay On Success, you will still be offered other payment options.

The full terms and conditions of Pay On Success is available upon application through CampaignFlow, and prevail over these short form FAQs to the extent of any inconsistency.

Advantage Novari is not an agent of, nor receives any commission from CampaignFlow.