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How to style a console

Consoles are faultless and versatile pieces of furniture to maximise under utilised spaces. They offer a space to display home décor and subsequently showcase your personal aesthetic with vignettes. 


Entrance consoles are a beneficial way to consume an otherwise, very simple space. Due to the transitional nature of this area, everyone entering your home is likely to pass by, thereby it is important to create an impact and set the tone for your home. This can be achieved by dressing the console with bold decorations or with statement artwork above. Adding life with greenery is another element that adds warmth and creates a welcoming presence. 


Consoles add another element to an otherwise stock standard dining room setting. Add functionality to your console by displaying an array of dining accessories like candles or a wine setting to set the mood for your guests. A mirror is a common and extremely valuable feature to add above a dining console. It will make the space appear lighter with a sense of spaciousness, and will create ambience for an enjoyable dining experience.


Consoles can benefit from both a balanced or asymmetrical composition, depending on the formality of the space or the décor that you have to work with. The key to creating a visually pleasing vignette is to choose décor that supports the room’s theme. Display accessories in odd numbers and play with contrasting shapes and heights to create depth. The living console featured utilises this technique with books, a vase, an ornament and a lamp. A lamp brings warmth to a space and allows mood lighting when desired.


A bedroom should feel intimate and reflect your own style. This can be achieved by showcasing your personal taste through decorations or artwork. Consider placing the console near the door to the bedroom, as it will act as a great landing place for transitional items like keys, wallets, or jewelry. To avoid clutter of these pieces, use bowls, plates, or boxes to contain them. Bringing floral arrangements or greenery will soften the space and break up the starkness of any furniture.

Consoles create a focal point and add purpose to an area. With these styling ideas, you will be able to dress your console to suit each unique space in your home.

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The Wingback Chair – A Mainstay for your Home styling

Words By Victoria Maddocks 

Many people ask how to style a wingback chair in my home.

The wingback chair is the ideal way to create a focal point in a room as well as provide extra seating. 

Characterized by their tall back and winged shaped sides that extend all the way down to the arms of the chair, they work well either singularly or as a pair in the foyer, lounge room, study or bedroom.  

There are many different styles of wingbacks out there that will complement the existing style of your home. From classic English country look to a bold black and white Hamptons in a restrained colour palette, to cool Retro-inspired, there is sure to be a stylish wingback in a gorgeously fabulous fabric that will create interest and depth to the space. If you are unsure about what style you prefer, create a vision board of a collection of images that you like, and a theme will start to emerge. Your favourite artwork can also be a great starting point for your colour scheme, as picking out one or two colours from that art will help you to create your beautiful space. 

Living space

In a living space, the tall winged sides and generous size of the chair works extremely well with a large sofa or as end chairs to a large dining table, giving a grand luxe feel to the room as well as working with the generous proportions of the other furniture. When installing a pair of wingbacks into a formal lounge room, they add balance and symmetry to the space without overcrowding.


In the bedroom, they create an elegant focal point to the space and can be a confident statement about your personal style.

In the foyer of a home, perhaps paired with a console, an artwork or mirror and a display of your choice accessories, they create a much more decorative and inviting entrance and set the tone for what is to come. 

Create that perfect Reading Nook

A wingback chair can even transform a dead space in your home to become that perfect reading nook to enjoy a coffee or favorite book. Styling in this setting only requires working your chair with a side table, a soft throw and a cushion or two to go with your chosen chair. You can be creative with what you choose to be your side table (we have used a wicker trunk) and your choice of cushion will be dictated by the color scheme you have chosen or in a contrasting fabric to add a pop of color. Adding the finishing touches – A rug for softness underfoot, a beautiful plant for greenery, a lamp for accent lighting, a small cluster of vases and an artwork will then complete the space.

Traditionally, the wingback chair was designed to be the perfect companion to be positioned next to the cosy warm fireplace and read your book but these days they have so many more uses both practically and visually, where they can really be an integral part of creating a beautifully styled space in your home.  

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How to spice it up in the bedroom

We’re all about switching it up on our installs when it comes to our bed styling. The stock-standard white waffle linen with three cushions plus a throw can get a little tiresome day in day out. We’ve come to realise how easy it is to ‘spice it up in the bedroom’ and get creative with layouts and layering to make the mundane everyday task of making a bed into a true work of art. Here are a few of our tips that you can translate into your space to bring your bedtime dreams into reality:

1.  Colour & Pattern

Now this may be a little daunting for some of us colour-phobic people (you can’t beat a good monochromatic scheme…) but adding colour and pattern to your bed setting can really elevate its visual interest. A great way to put together a cohesive colour palette is drawing inspiration from the artwork in your room. Selecting out colours from an art piece can inform the bed palette and allow for an easy flow of colour throughout the space. Pattern is also effective in lifting a room, however too much pattern can be overwhelming on the eyes. Balance is key here, and breaking up some pattern cushions with some block colour cushions and crisp white linen is a great way to achieve this balance.

2. Playing with Asymmetry

Don’t have two perfectly matching cushions on hand? Have random hooks in your bedroom walls? Work with it! Symmetry does not always mean aesthetic, and having aspects of your styling slightly off-centre or out of the ordinary can add a lot of interest to your space. Asymmetry can be achieved through art placement, cushion layout, varying pillow size, or bedside accessories including lamps, plants, tables etc.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and placing your pieces in a way you wouldn’t usually – you may just create something amazing!

2.  Embrace the Mess!

Now as much as we love a freshly steamed bed, the ‘lived-in, just got out of bed’ look is just as on-trend and way easier to achieve on an everyday basis. Work with the beauty of messy linen and thrown-on cushions to achieve an effortless, textured aesthetic. Layering cushions on an angle can help attain this look, and feather inserts in your pillows and cushions are also great for the natural ‘lived-in’ vibe.

Don’t put too much thought into it, just go wild!­

With these top tips we hope you’re able to elevate your bed styling game and maybe try a new way of styling that you hadn’t yet thought of. Open your mind to inspiration and just let loose, and remember the best styling arrives when there is no creative boundaries. Happy styling!

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