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Our Pay on Success Option

“Guaranteed sale success with our bespoke styling, or we cover your styling costs.”






Over the past 15 years Advantage Styling has helped over 10,000 vendors sell their properties quickly and helped them to achieve; or exceed, the prices they wanted. Based on our 90% sale success rate over recent years, our bespoke styling gives your property the highest chance of a successful outcome.

We understand there are significant costs in preparing your property for sale. That’s why we have introduced Advantage Plus. A deferred payment option, that enables you to pay for your styling when your property settles. And because we have such faith that our styling will help you achieve a sale, if you don’t sell, we will cover your styling costs.



(Advantage Plus is subject to client acceptance criteria and terms and conditions)

How Advantage Plus works



Elect the Advantage Plus option and pay the upfront Activation Fee (equivalent to 40% of the styling quote)



Styling costs are paid out of your settlement



Nothing further to pay

Why use Advantage Plus

   Peace of mind that you will only pay for styling if your property sells

   Aligns your styling costs with the timing of your settlement

   No sale, no styling fees

   No credit checks

   Our proven track record and premium styling means that your campaign has the greatest certainty of success

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

In order to offer you the deferred payment terms and styling guarantee benefits of Advantage Plus, we need to know that you are giving your property a genuine and reasonable chance of sale. The application criteria for Advantage Plus include:

  • you must have signed an exclusive agency agreement for the sale of the property with a licensed real estate agent;
  • the property must be on the market for a minimum of 90 days to be eligible;
  • the property must be a residential property;
  • the property is not an off the plan sale or display suite; and
  • the property styling must only be used for the property that is the subject of the Advantage Plus quote. It cannot be moved or used in any other property.

Advantage Styling, in its absolute discretion, may refuse to offer Advantage Plus to any vendor.

How can I apply?

If you are eligible for Advantage Plus, you will be offered it as a payment option as part of your free styling quote. If you elect to pay for your styling using Advantage Plus, all you need to do is provide the relevant information on your payment confirmation and we will do the rest. Simple and effective.

Do I have to use Advantage Plus?

No. Advantage Plus is simply an additional payment option that has been introduced by Advantage Styling to assist vendors who wish to defer their styling costs and pay on sale.

We continue to offer a range of upfront payment options including credit card, EFT and Zip Money. All of our payment options appear on our free styling quotes, so you can select the payment option that works for you.

What are the benefits?

Styling your home is key to maximising your proceeds from sale. By using Advantage Plus, you can defer your styling fees until sale and only pay for your styling if your property sells. An activation fee is payable in order to utilise Advantage Plus as a payment option.

By using Advantage Plus, you can match the timing of payment of your styling costs with settlement of your sale. Additionally, you have peace of mind that if you don’t sell your home, there is nothing further to pay.

Advantage Plus is simple and easy to use, and there are no credit checks.

What are the fees?

If you wish to use Advantage Plus, an activation fee, equivalent to 40% of your styling costs, is payable when you accept your styling quote.

If your property sells, all of your styling costs will be payable, including any additional hire fees if you extend your styling beyond the initial hire period.

If your property does not sell, there is nothing further to pay.

Other factors to consider before selecting Advantage Plus. 

  • Advantage Plus is only available to certain vendors who meet the acceptance criteria. Advantage Styling, in its absolute discretion, may refuse to offer Advantage Plus to any vendor.
  • You may only elect to apply for Advantage Plus at the commencement of your styling agreement with Advantage Styling. If you would like to apply for Advantage Plus after your styling has been installed, you will need to contact Advantage Styling to discuss your payment options.
  • If you use Advantage Plus to pay for your styling AND your property sells, then you will pay more for your styling compared to paying upfront. This is because Advantage Plus has an upfront Activation Fee equivalent to 40% of your styling costs.
  • If you use Advantage Plus, you will be asked to provide Advantage Styling with an undertaking that your styling costs (including any ongoing costs if you extend your styling) will be paid if your property sells, from your settlement proceeds.

To find out more about Advantage Plus or to arrange a free styling consultation, contact us on 02 9310 1611 or fill in the form below