Advantage Plus – Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. Commencement Date means the later of the date that either:
      1. the property is first listed for sale in the public domain; or
      2. the property styling is installed;
    2. Commitment Period means the period starting from the Commencement Date and ending 90 days later.
  2. Vendor commitment
    1. You must commit to listing the property for sale during the entirety of the Commitment Period.
  3. Documentation requirements and sharing
    1. In order to access Advantage Plus you will be required to have signed an exclusive agency agreement for the sale of the property with a licensed real estate agent (Exclusive Agency Agreement).
    2. You warrant that as of the Commencement Date:
      1. you have a valid and enforceable Exclusive Agency Agreement for 90 days or more;
      2. the property is a residential property; and
      3. the property is not an off the plan sale or display suite.
    3. Upon request, you must provide Advantage Property Styling with a copy of the following documents within five business days of their execution:
      1. fully signed copy of your Exclusive Agency Agreement; and
      2. front page of the signed contract for sale.
    4. Advantage has a right to refuse Advantage Plus in its absolute discretion in circumstances where you are unable to verify that a signed agency agreement has been entered into.
  4. Payment Terms
    1. The total amount of the styling expenses (including GST) which you must pay us is set out in your styling proposal and is payable in 2 instalments.
    2. The first instalment is the upfront amount (Activation Fee) and the second instalment is the deferred amount (Styling Fees).
  5. Payment of Activation Fee
    1. The Activation Fee is due and payable on the date you sign this agreement and is not refundable.
  6. Payment of Styling Fees
    1. The Styling Fees will include the amount of the deferred styling costs at the outset of your Rental contract plus any additional amounts if the furniture rental extends beyond the initial rental term (i.e. ongoing rental).
    2. The Styling Fees cannot exceed $15,000 in any single transaction. Any amount in excess of this will need to be paid  upfront by the Vendor.
    3. The Styling Fees are due and payable on the earliest to occur of any of the following events, being the date that:
      1. the sale of the property settles or the deposit is released before settlement;
      2. either you or the purchaser terminate the contract for sale after the property has sold;
      3. any of the following events occur during the Commitment Period:
        1. you unequivocally withdraw the property from sale;
        2. you repudiate or terminate this agreement
        3. you repudiate or terminate the Exclusive Agency Agreement during the exclusive agency period;
        4. you obstruct or prevent the legitimate sales process; or
        5. you sign a tenancy agreement.
    4. You authorise Advantage Property Styling to provide your conveyancer or solicitor with a irrevocable authority on your behalf directing them to pay Advantage Property Styling the Styling Fees from the deposit held for the purchase of the property once that deposit is released by the purchaser or at settlement of the sale of the property.
  7. You do not need to pay the Styling Fees if after the expiry of the Commitment Period:
    1. you unequivocally withdraw the property from sale; or
    2. a period of 1 year has elapsed from the Commencement Date and the property has not sold.
  8. If any amounts due under this Agreement are not paid by their due date, then you authorise us to debit your credit card for the total amount due.
  9. By signing these terms and conditions, you warrant that you are authorised to enter into these commitments as the legal owners, or on behalf of the legal owners, of the property.